After long consideration I decided to take on a new role back at Juniper Networks! Over the past few months I have thought a lot about what I want in the future and how I can get there. When I had a chat with an ex-colleague at Juniper, he told me that they were looking to set-up a new team in EMEA. I decided to take a shot and got in touch for a SE role in that team. After a long series of interviews they asked me to consider a different role, where I would be leading (Public) Cloud accounts in EMEA. I gave it a long thought, but decided to go for it! I think this will give me a huge opportunity to use all the entrepreneurial things I learned over the past 2 years and bring a great challenge to grow this team!

What about GNX?

GNX is definitely not going away. My co-founder stays on full-time to service our customers and I will also stay on to focus on our automation portal, but as we remain a bootstrapped start-up, I think it is the right decision for me to take a step aside and focus my full-time attention on Juniper.

Juniper Networks

Going back to a vendor really excites me and is also the place where I felt most comfortable in my career. I’m overly excited to build out a huge business opportunity for Juniper in EMEA and focus on the largest (data center) network infrastructures that are out there!

Juniper is doing really well in this area as Garntner has confirmed in their latest Data Center Networking Magic Quadrant. Which didn’t even take into consideration the latest platforms that have been released. If you are interested please download the report here: 2019 Gartner Data Center Networking report


I think that we are in a very good place right now, where a lot of new technology is coming to the market in a rapid pace. Innovations like Segment Routing, that gives much better control of traffic engineering even inside the data center. Especially combined with Juniper cRPD. To give applications on hosts actual control over how the traffic traverses the network (SDN anyone?). Or innovations in the disaggregation of hardware and software with SONiC (combined with cRPD).


I look forward to talking to many people around EMEA about these new hardware and software innovations. I will be at NXTWORK 2019 in Las Vegas and London. If you are interested. Register now!